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From a Basement In Seattle • The Poster Art of Brad Klausen (2010)

by Brad Klausen


"From a Basement in Seattle" (2010) is an extensive look into the creative process through which artist Brad Klausen generates imagery for rock posters for Pearl Jam, Built to Spill, Queens of the Stone Age, and others. Starting chronologically with the first poster he ever made all the way to the most recent, covering more than seventy-five different works, the book follows the growth and development of Klausen’s entire catalog. Alongside the image of each finished poster are sketches and detailed commentary of the story behind the execution and concept of the individual designs.

All the never-before-seen pieces and parts that were used to build each design are included: the initial rough sketches, the final inkings, the hand-drawn and computer-drawn typographic elements, and all other elements used in the construction of the final piece. Klausen takes apart and dissects each design to show how the artwork comes together, providing the viewers a rare look over the shoulder of the artist and allowing them to take a look inside the creative process of what goes into making rock posters.

"Klausen's left-field philosophies and twisted narratives beautifully underscore the stunning large-format artwork and contribute a greater depth of expression. A must-have for any music fan, artist, or aspiring graphic designer."
--Publishers Weekly, Starred Review, Pick of the Week

"The artist’s eclectic style choices, combined with a variety of computer-aided typefaces and hand-drawn graphics, make the posters exciting."
--Library Journal

"Stylized, suggestive, gorgeously composed, Klausen's art is the work of a metaphorist who sees the world from an admittedly skewed angle."
--The Seattle Times

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