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Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery Presents "TEDx TALKS AT HEALTHY RHYTHM :: JULIET CARR & MELISSA LOWE" | Friday evening, September 20, 2019, at Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery, 68 S Grand Ave, in historic downtown Montrose, Colorado!

Be a part of creative and engaging presentations by TEDx speakers Melissa Nelson Lowe and Juliet Carr. Melissa's talk is entitled "Drug Smuggler's Daughter: Creating Light From Darkness". Imagine your childhood wrapped in mystery, lies, and secrecy. Trying to figure life out, then finding solace in skydiving. Not only is Melissa a drug smuggler’s daughter, but she's a 3rd generation skydiver whose never known what she wanted out of life, but followed her heart to create an incredible life. Juliet's talk is entitled "Attempted Suicide: Overlooked & Under Served". An estimated 25-200 suicide attempts occur for every suicide death. Loved ones are left emotionally wounded, blamed, fearful, shamed and also responsible for the life and wellness of the person who attempted suicide. Creating resources for this overlooked and under served population is essential.

An interactive Q&A will follow the TEDx presentations. Speakers will also conduct post-talk book signings and a Meet 'n Greet at this event.

This event is FREE and open to the public.

Doors 6 p.m. Event 6:30 p.m. Free street and rear lot parking.

Please RSVP to healthyrhythm@gmail.com by September 13, 2019, if you plan to attend.

Melissa Lowe is a born entrepreneur. As a child, she insisted on playing ‘business’ and would set up makeshift stores from restaurants with hand-drawn menus, to plastic stapled to paper with crayon-colored MasterCard logos. Melissa’s wealth of experience came from skydiving. Her father was a pioneering skydiver and businessman and unbeknownst to her, she followed in his footsteps.

Melissa kept the entrepreneurship fire burning by continuing to branch off into other industries and hobbies. She’s also a Private Pilot, P2 Paraglider Pilot, earned her Advanced Communicator Bronze in Toastmasters, authored and published 3 books, became a keynote speaker, and most importantly – is a wife and a mother.

Melissa grew up on a drop zone in the middle of the cornfields in a small town called, Sandwich. Her dad was a skydiving pioneer and drug smuggler, which didn’t exactly make her the most popular kid in school back in the 1980s! But the abstract life in which she grew up, gave her the opportunity to see life in a whole different light and gave her the freedom to live her dreams.

Melissa made her first jump in 1982 at the age of 5, making her a third generation skydiver. She has over 11,000 jumps and is an AFF Instructor/Evaluator with a USPA Pro Rating. However, what makes Melissa stand out of the crowd is that she is 3-time National Champion in Freestyle, has 23 World Records, and is a Yogi and a mom!

Melissa co-organized the successful 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010 & 2013 Women’s Vertical World Records (WVWR). She has also organized all over the United States including famous boogies such as, Skydive Chicago’s “Summerfest,” Skydive Carolina’s “Carolina Fest,” Skydive Elsinore’s “Chick’s Rock”, and Skydive Orange’s “Orange Boogie,” as well as organized events in Canada, Mexico, Australia and Italy.

Juliet Carr's life has been touched by suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and suicide completions. She has interviewed hundreds of people world wide who have attempted suicide or had a loved one attempt suicide. Their ages were young teens to mid 70’s. All of the people interviewed who had a loved one attempt suicide looked for resources and found nothing to support them or allow them to feel less isolated in their grief journey. This resource is a product of her research. Attempted Suicide Help (ASH) was created to meet the needs of the global population which were not being met. It provides immediate resources, answers, and support.

Juliet is the author of "Attempted Suicide: The Essential Guidebook for Loved Ones" and the upcoming book "Attempted Suicide: Answers From People Who Have Attempted". She served on the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado board of directors from 2010 to 2012 where she sat on the planning committee for the Bridging the Divide Conference 2010 and served as a Regional Liaison.

While her idea was created to support all people affected by attempted suicide through the ASH website and the books she is authoring, it is Juliet’s desire that people contemplating suicide find ASH resources before they ever attempt a suicidal act. Her biggest wish is that anyone feeling hopeless or needing help can find the ASH website www.attemptedsuicidehelp.com and get back to being healthy.

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