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LISTEN :: Limited Edition Fine Art Metal Print

by Savannah Conley


LISTEN, photographed by Montrose, Colorado, photographer Savannah Conley, is part of her exhibition "UNBROKEN SPIRIT :: WESTERN COLORADO'S CAPTIVE MUSTANGS".

20x16 inch Fine Art metal print is hand signed and numbered and comes in a Limited Edition of only 10 prints and 1 Exhibition Print (EP) worldwide.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing and delivery of Limited Edition prints. **PLEASE NOTE** The Exhibition Print (EP) will not ship out until after December 18, 2021, when the Art Exhibition ends.

Print is ready to hang with inset metal frame and wire hanger.

Copyright Savannah H. Photography ©️ 2021.

“UNBROKEN SPIRIT :: WESTERN COLORADO’S CAPTIVE MUSTANGS” seeks to tell the story of Colorado’s forgotten natives, wild mustangs. Rounded up by the Bureau of Land management, these horses face an uncertain future. Most of them are destined for government holding facilities, or worse. But a lucky few are fortunate enough to land in the hands of trainers determined to gentle these horses without breaking their spirits. Through photographs printed on metal, artist Savannah Conley provides an intimate look at wild horses learning to survive in captivity.

Savannah Conley is a Montrose, CO based portrait and landscape photographer. Savannah began her journey with photography under the wings of her high school teacher and mentor, Debra Helmberger, who taught her the ins and outs of portraiture and wedding photography. Her passion for portrait photography expanded into a fascination with photojournalism, leading her to pursue a degree. Her photojournalistic training lends a storytelling aspect to her images. Her exhibition, Unbroken Spirit, combines her childhood love of horses with her passion for storytelling to create an immersive experience into the world of mustangs.

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Photos by Savannah Conley ©️