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“Ripple in Reality” :: Original B. Smith Painting

by B. Smith

$2,500.00 / Sold Out

Artwork: “Ripple in Reality” • Handmade, one-of-a-kind, original Abstract Painting
Year Created: 2020 ©
Materials Used: High Gloss Black Spray Paint and Chrome Paint Pen on White Gesso Board. Ready to hang.
Artist: B. Smith • Montrose, CO
Dimensions: 24” W x 24” H x .75” D
Condition: New

“Ripple in Reality” is a hand painted optical illusion, bending corners and a strict grid pattern into curves, circles and organic facial elements. Instead of the painting’s eyes following an observer, the whole face seems to turn and look at an audience as they move around the painting whilst observing it. Somewhere along the creative process, the painting picked up a feminine pronoun: I personally enjoy referring to it like I would a sailboat as a “she” or “her”.

Prepared by hand by the artist in all steps from stretching, preparing the canvas to painting and wire mounting: this piece is stretched over a handcrafted frame, reinforced with biscuit joints to enhance the strength of the support structure. This piece meant to hang from two points of contact on a wall without a frame due to the pattern of the artwork reaching to the edge of the prepared and visible canvass. In the perfect light it seems like you can see straight through the painting onto a white wall behind it through her eyes, where some of the base coat of Gesso still shows through; or you can find an angle where she glitters and sparkles like fine jewelry.

This piece is highly reflective and therefore works best in highly bright or vivid light as the best atmospheric viewing medium, due to the artwork soaking up the colors, warmth, contrast of light and shadows cast onto her from observers standing within close proximity.

The piece’s texture is purposely very bumpy and rough to the touch, allowing for the surface of the paint to catch as much light as possible, as well as catching the light reflecting off of the high gloss background onto which the chrome has been painted. This “psychedelic” piece is referencing the ideals of spiritualism, but rather than being beholden to a third eye or divine insight mentality, instead I’m echoing how we each ripple the fabric of space around us: bending and scattering our own realities like waves of light and the tumultuous nature of the fabric of life.

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Artist Bio
B. Smith is an artist born in Colorado who finally returned home. The artist prefers to go by “B.” in order to preserve that the artwork itself deserves more attention than its creator. Inspired by light artists, B. uses reflective elements within his paintings to create a work that interacts with the light, color and environment around it. By creating his paintings from the base stages by hand, stretching and preparing the canvas himself, B. utilizes a traditional approach and has an appreciation for the effort it takes to create a painting from the ground up.

The artist strives to create geometric patterns that bend or twist into organic shapes. These works can also hide optical illusions within the precise and meticulous nature of his painting style, and he especially enjoys playing with line, shape and negative space; making the most complicated areas fade to a grey at a distance and in this way allowing a doubled viewing of each different painting.

Art is a way of staying sane for the artist, and by disallowing the use of more traditional techniques and instead favoring certain mediums such as chrome, gold or environmentally interactive paint additives, the artist strives to create works that look unbelievable to the point of striving to see a piece in person. Then realizing it looks even better in real life.

B. Smith’s paintings and other artwork are best hung without a frame, and are signed on the back or bottom as opposed to the face of the painting, as not to interfere with the image. B. hopes you enjoy his art! Please do not hesitate to contact Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery with questions or abstract commissions.