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Stromayer • Original Fine Art Drawing

$3,000.00 / On Sale

Item: Original, one-of-a-kind, Fine Art drawing titled "Stromayer." Drawing was completed by artist North Shea in 2006.
History: This large still life is a tribute to artist Ludwig Stromayer (d.). The drawing is entirely graphite except the typewriter and the bench which are tinted with a green colored pencil and a Cafe Americano, respectively. A human skeleton types with a keyboard representing alchemical symbols rather than letters. As the paper emerges from the machine we see not writing, but a famous painting.
Medium: Graphite, colored pencil, and Cafe Americano "staining" on Premium art stock paper. Drawing is hand signed and dated in pencil by North Shea.
Condition: Near Mint
Dimensions: 40"W x 31.25"H • Custom Matted and Framed

Gallery pick up available and preferred

Purchase of original art does not transfer any rights of reproduction, or modification to the purchaser. All rights are reserved to Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery.