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Stromayer • Original Fine Art Drawing

by North Shea


Item: Original, one-of-a-kind, Fine Art drawing titled "Stromayer." Drawing was completed by artist North Shea in 2006.
History: This large still life is a tribute to artist Ludwig Stromayer (d.). The drawing is entirely graphite except the typewriter and the bench which are tinted with a green colored pencil and a Cafe Americano, respectively. A human skeleton types with a keyboard representing alchemical symbols rather than letters. As the paper emerges from the machine we see not writing, but a famous painting.
Medium: Graphite, colored pencil, and Cafe Americano "staining" on Premium art stock paper. Drawing is hand signed and dated in pencil by North Shea.
Condition: Near Mint
Dimensions: 40"W x 31.25"H • Custom Matted and Framed

Gallery pick up available and preferred