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Megan Hernandez Signature Totem

by Megan Hernandez


Artwork: Handmade, Native American inspired, Totem Sculpture*. Sculpted using clay from the Trinity River Basin near Dallas, Texas.
Artist: Megan Hernandez
Dimensions: 16.5" W x 23.5" H x 18" C
Condition: Like New

Additional Photos Available Upon Request

*Please Allow 2-4 Weeks for Artwork to Ship

I have always been fascinated with Native American and indigenous cultures. I remember being a small child sitting on my great grandmother's lap as she told me stories of her culture and history. I was, and still am, nicknamed papoose in my family. I was absolutely obsessed with the story of Hiawatha and pretended to be Sacajawea often. I have a deep respect and love for all indigenous cultures.

I love the bold colors, natural flow, and repetition that occurs in indigenous art. Native Mexican and northwestern Native American artwork have inspired me greatly in my totems.

I like to think of my totems as living breathing creatures, so they have a natural curve and movement to them. All creatures are perfectly imperfect.

My medium is clay, specifically Trinity River clay from Dallas, TX. I love to mix the idea of functional ware with the diversity and interest of sculpture.

My artwork is a representation of my life in that moment. Many faces represent my family, my struggles, and new beginnings. My work will continue to change as my life continues to change.